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Our Ludman Industries Model 4040 Compactor is used in the compaction of fines. The mill compacts up to 130 tons per hour of fines into a solid sheet, ready for further processing into granular and coarse product.

40” Roll Diameter
40” Roll Face
800 Tons Separating Force
1000-1400 HP
130+ TPH of Solid Sheet
Twin Screw Force Feeder
Integral Water Cooling
Approximate Weight 134,100 lbs

Roll Compactor Available Options

Main Drive
Hydraulic or Mechanical Drive System
Fixed Speed or Variable Speed Drive System
Single or Double Shaft Drives

Main Bearings
Babitted Journal Bearings
Spherical Roller Bearings

Main Rolls
One or Two Piece Rolls
Thru Handened Rolls
Welded Hard Faced Rolls
Chrome Plating or Nitride Roll Face
Custom Roll Corrugations
Water Cooled Rolls
Roll Speed Timing Coupling
Horizontal Roll Removal System

Product Feeder
Gravity Feeder – Gated or Non-Gated
Force Feeder – Single or Twin Screw

Design Accessories
Integrated Control Panels
Integrated Granulator or Roll Crusher
Stainless Steel Contact Surfaces
Custom Designed Work Platforms

Roll Pressure System (# of cylinders)
One per side
Two per side

Typical Material Applications
Ammonium Sulphate
Burned Lime
Calcium Hypochlorite
Chrome Ore
Copper Concentrate
Dried Sewage Sludge
FGD Gypsum
Filter Dusts
Iron Oxide
Magnesium Oxide
Metal Chips, Borings, Turnings
Mill Scale
Mixed Fertilizer
Muriate of Potash
Phosphate Rock
Potash Fines
Potassium Sulphate
Rock Salt
Sewage Sludge
Soda Ash
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Cyanide
Steelmill Residues

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