Ludman Industries Briquetters (PDF)>

Ludman Industries Briquetting Technology                  
Ludman Industries has produced briquetting machines for over 40 years and has the capabilities to test design, develop and manufacture the equipment to meet your specific needs. Ludman Industries proven designs and robust construction tailored to our customers needs provide a dependable source for a variety of briquette shapes and sizes. Force-feed or variable speed feeders provide a means of metering, de-aerating and pre-compacting material as it is fed into the nip zone. Adjustable roll force and variable roll speed can be maintained during full load operation.  Roll adjustments allow for precise orientation of briquette cavities.

The Ludman Briquetting Process
Briquetting is the transformation of a powdery or granular material into a larger more convenient size solid product. This is accomplished by compacting the material with a roller press sometimes in the presence of a binding material.The briquettes can be produced with high or low pressure and can undergo mechanical or thermal treatment according to the characteristics of the processed material. We design to meet your needs.  Ludman Industries is your complete system solution specialist. 

We can help your company create a complete briquetting or compacting system.  Ludman Industries has the ability to perform custom testing and assist in determining the most appropriate binders, pressures and treatments to meet our customers specific needs.  See Testing

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