Ludman machines contribute significantly to promote the recycling of wastes for a cleaner environment and a more frugal use of natural resources. Some industries where we are contributing are listed below.


Electric Power Generation:

Ludman compactors and granulators work to recycle the wastes from the flue gas desulfurization systems (scrubbers) that control sulfur dioxide air pollution from coal-fired power plants. In this scrubber process, materials are used to react with sulfur compounds in the flue gas to prevent the sulfur from going into the atmosphere. Two processes and Ludman remedies are outlined below.

o Ammonia Based System: Ammonia reacts with the sulfur compounds in the flue gas to produce ammonium sulfate as a byproduct. The Ludman machines work to process this byproduct into a granular form of fertilizer ,environmentally safe and enriched for recycle/reuse to the soil.

o Lime/Limestone Based System: Lime reacts with the sulfur compounds to produce Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (Gypsum) as a byproduct. The ludman machines' production by compaction and granulation of gypsum has uses for agriculture, cement, and Wallboard products.

Sewage Sludge Recycling:

Sludge is solid material that is not broken down by the wastewater treatment process. It must be discarded in landfills or incinerated unless it can be conditioned for reuse to remove hazardous contaminants. Ludman compactors convert this unusable sludge into a 'biosolid' that is eco-friendly.

After conditioning, the material is dried then compacted and granulated into a usable product. Instead of taking up space in a landfill or destroyed, it becomes an organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen and phosphorus.

Salt Removal from Waste Water:

As wastewater is treated to remove dissolved salts through crystallization and drying technologies, Ludman is there to enable our clients to reuse the minerals; economically and environmentally safe. We have added complete systems to plants to compact salt fines and granulate into valuable products such as road salt.

Mine Waste Removal:

Ludman is able to aid in the prevention of acid mine contaminations from reactive mine tailings. Agglomeration techniques including binders using our compactors do immobilize the reactive components in the mine tailings. The process forms strong pellets that are able to resist weathering and leaching into the environment.