Ludman Industries (Allis Chalmers) has been a supplier to the Food Industry for over 100 years, providing Flaking mills, Roller Mills & Granulators used in a variety of food production applications.

Originally the roller mill was used in the milling of flour from wheat and rye.  As demand increased Flaking mills were developed for use in heavy duty and high volume applications.

Typical applications for our Mills include:
Cereal Flake
Germ Meal
Rolled Oats
Grains for Animal Feed
and many others 

Grain Crushed for Animal Feed
Grains such as oats, barley and corn have increased food value if steamed and crimped on heavy duty flaking mills which break the hull and roll the grain into the form of heavy flakes or crimped grains.  Machines fitted with smooth rolls will produce flaked products while the same machine with fine corrugated rolls will produce crimped grains.

Rolled Oats
The popular rolled oats cereals of the old fashioned or quick cooking type generally are produced on Flaking Mills.  Practically every producer of this commodity in the United States in using flaking mills for the production of rolled oats for human consumption with sizeable quantities being produced for feeding livestock.

Toasted Cereal Products
The well-known toasted cereal products such as toasted corn flakes, wheat flakes, rice flakes and various combinations of the three are produced on Ludman Flaking mills.  Prepared grains and premixed, cooked and pelleted grains are usually flaked to produce a varied number of breakfast cereal products.

Corn Mill Specialties
The raw materials used in this industry are corn grits, which have been produced on a degerminated corn mill which removed the bran and the larger portion of the oil or germ.  The products manufactured are brewer’s flakes, foundry flour or corebinder, butcher’s process flour, cold water paste and baker’s dusting flour.

The major processing equipment for the flakes consists of flaking mills which are gas heated by the application of gas flame to the surface of the rolls.

Flaking Mills for Salt
Ludman Flaking Mills produce superior qualities of the fine flaked salt for adding to food products, pretzels, salt coating and others.   Roll crushers or granulators are used for precision grinding of the extra coarse flaked salt, in order to produce, coarse, topping, fine and flour grades.

Specialty Products
Flaking and Shredding mills have been extremely popular for producing the great variety of snack-type foods now being marketed.  Custom grooved rolls can be provided for shredding, embossing or laminating doughs prior to finish sizing of the product.

Solvent Extraction
The removal of oil by the solvent extraction system from oil bearing materials such as soybeans, corn germ, cottonseed, tung nuts, flaxseed, palm kernels, sunflower seed and many others requires the use of flaking mills as a major step in the preparation equipment ahead of the extractor where the oil is actually removed. The purpose of flaking here is to expose the greatest possible surface area to the solvents, rupture the oil cells and speed up the extraction time.

Before flaking, the material is generally cracked to the desirable size by Granulating Mills or Roller Mills or pressed in expellers to remove the initial oil content. The material is then heated to the desired temperature and passed between the flaking rolls where flakes of various thicknesses are produced.

The Flaking Mill provides the tool to roll material into a flake with uniform thickness from 0.005” – 0.050” thick.   The flaked materials are then available for further processing.

Ludman Industries creates custom built Granulators, Flaking & Shredding Mills which are used in myriad applications.  The above are only a few examples of the many ways our mills can be used.  Please contact Ludman Industries if you have any questions about your particular material or process.