Ludman Industries Manufactures Large Format Compactors, Briquetters, Granulators, Flaking & Shredding Mills.

Ludman Industries is your worldwide leader producing the highest quality Compactors, Granulators, Flaking & Shredding Mills and Briquette Presses. Since 1962 Ludman Industries has been providing the world’s most reliable compactors for potash, amsul, potassium sulphate, and NPK.

Ludman Industries is a manufacturer for the global markets of Compactors, Granulators, Flaking & Shredding Mills and Briquette Presses. We are your preferred provider with a fully integrated, state of the art manufacturing plant offering in-depth experience from testing, design and production through distribution to customer support. With over 50 years of experience & over 200 machines operating worldwide we are the world leaders solving your agglomeration problems.  




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