Ludman has the facilities, knowledge and experience to manufacture quality machines and parts for most operations needs you may have.  A small but aggressive firm, we have a complete machine shop including our own heat treating facility and a staff of highly trained personnel ready to do the job according to your specifications.  Whether you need a standard part, a customized one of a kind machine or an old reliable rebuilt, we have the capabilities at our disposal.

All parts are manufactured in our plant using the highest grade of raw materials, including specialty alloys specific to the wear durability, reliability, and corrosive applications needed by our clients and with strict quality control standards. 

  • Our hydraulic power pistons and wear plates are heat-treated for strength and durability.
  • The split ram collars ram guide bushings and retainers are carefully constructed so that when assembled a perfect seal is created without a trace of a seam or gap.
  • Ram guide bushings are available in split, solid or segmented form.
  • All dies, rams and tips are deep case hardened and heat-treated to ensure reliable performance and endurance. 
  • And if your needs go beyond the standard parts, we’ll gladly machine any item to your exact specifications.

Ludman works to "raise the bar" with new technology to enhance your rebuild needs. Our worldwide experience and research has added new processes and materials to upgrade older machines to the latest standards.


As an OEM, Ludman possess the intimate knowledge of your machine and its components. Information such as material, hardness, and best methodology, comes from our design "know how" and vast experience. Ludman is in the best position to make qualified repairs.

We can repair any and all Allis-Chalmers, Nordyke, and Ludman machines presently in operation. Our drawings and specified processes include the first Allis-Chalmers machines through the Ludman machines delivered yesterday. For fast and reliable service, contact us for all your repair needs.

Typical repair items include the following:

 Compactor Rolls (for any compactor)
 Roll & Bearing Assemblies
 Power Pistons
 Hydraulic Power Supplies
 Flaking Rolls
 Re-corrugating Granulating Rolls

Replacement Parts

Only Ludman offers qualified OEM parts for your Ludman, Allis-Chalmers, or Nordyke machine. We have complete records and control all of the important specifications including material, hardness, and best methodology.
Parts are supplied for all compactors, roll crushers (granulators), and flaking mills. Older parts are made in strict accordance with the original Allis-Chalmers specifications and designs. For fast and reliable service, contact us for all your replacement parts.

Technical Support / Field Service

Ludman has technicians or field service engineers available worldwide to offer product and facility advice and support. We are here to help with training and process solutions.

Please feel free to contact us.
(414)-431-3500 or