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The Roll Crusher or Granulator is a widely used size reduction unit which can successfully process a variety of materials. The differential speed of smooth or corrugated rolls permits the production of a narrow range of particle sizes with a minimum of objectionable oversize and undersize particles.

Roll Crushers or Granulators are far superior and more efficient than Chain Mills, Hammer Mills, Cage Mills and others.

The roll crusher is designed for a gradual size reduction in one, two, or three stages, depending upon the ratio of feed size to desired finished product size. With proper selection of roll speed and differential, roll separating force, roll clearance, and number and type of corrugations, the roll crusher may be arranged to granulate, grind, pulverize, crack, crumble, or fracture an unlimited number of materials, chemicals, minerals, and plastics.

Any style roll crushers utilize two types of corrugated circle chill rolls, Longitudinal and LePage. Rolls can be run at the same or at differential speeds.

Longitudinal Rolls
These rolls are available with straight or spiral cuts, or with a combination of both. They provide a cutting, shearing, tearing, or compounding action for the processing of materials.



LePage Rolls
Are available with a combination of longitudinal corrugations on one roll and circumferentially cut corrugations on the opposing roll, also with any one of a number of corrugations cut at varying degrees of spiral.

Machine Sizes / Specifications

  • 9 Inch to 30 Inch Diameter Rolls
  • 12 Inch to 60 Inch Roll Face Length
  • Available with 1, 2, or 3 Pairs of Rolls
  • Throughputs Up to 35 Tons/Hour
  • Up to 50 HP Drives
  • Roll Differential Speeds to 2:1