Ludman Industries North American manufacturing plant offers full control over the production cycle. Ludman has a fully capable machine shop t
hat has benchmarked manufacturing methods proven best for product durability.

Our facility consists of major machines for drilling, milling, and turning. A new lathe has been added in 2010 to accommodate roll diameters over and above 46 inches in diameter. This equipment combined with a workforce of master machinists can hold tolerances to the precise dimensions required for optimum machine performance.

Rebuild / Upgrade
Ludman works to "raise the bar" with new technology to enhance your rebuild needs. Our worldwide experience and research has added new processes and materials to upgrade older machines to the latest standards.

As an OEM, Ludman possess the intimate knowledge of your machine and its components. Information such as material, hardness, and best methodology, comes from our design "know how" and vast experience. Ludman is in the best position to make qualified repairs.

We can repair any and all Allis-Chalmers, Nordyke, and Ludman machines presently in operation. Our drawings and specified processes include the first Allis-Chalmers machines through the Ludman machines delivered yesterday. For fast and reliable service, contact us for all your repair needs.

 Typical repair items include the following:

  • Compactor Rolls (for any compactor)
  • Roll & Bearing Assemblies

  • Power Pistons

  • Hydraulic Power Supplies

  • Flaking Rolls

  • Re-corrugating Granulating Rolls

Replacement Parts
Only Ludman offers qualified OEM parts for your Ludman, Allis-Chalmers, or Nordyke machine. We have complete records and control all of the important specifications including material, hardness, and best methodology.

Parts are supplied for all compactors, roll crushers (granulators), and flaking mills. Older parts are made in strict accordance with the original Allis-Chalmers specifications and designs. For fast and reliable service, contact us for all your replacement parts.

Technical Support / Field Service
Ludman has technicians or field service engineers available worldwide to offer product and facility advice and support. We are here to help with training and process solutions.

Lab Testing
A fully equipped laboratory is available for testing your materials from a bench scale button test to a pilot plant size compactor and granulators. Let us develop the necessary data required to design your equipment with confidence and assured production results.

Feed material origin and size is critical to both compaction and granulation. No two materials regardless of name and or nomenclature compact or granulate exactly the same. Therefore we will not quote any new system without first testing the material in our lab.

Engineering & Design
Ludman machines have proven designs that are continuously improved as well as adapted to your specific needs. Our engineering and design is derived from a long history of experience combined with new technology and design tools. We utilize computer aided drafting, solid modeling, finite element load analysis, and thermodynamic heat transfer analysis. These tools work to minimize error and maximize efficiency, simplicity, and reliability.

Quality Control and R&D
Ludman maintains detailed inspection procedures to insure machine reliability. Major components have material certifications and welds undergo ultrasonic testing and X-ray analysis.

Our shipping team takes pride in packing every part and machine that leaves our facility very carefully.  Components are protected from environmental contamination and vibration.  Professional export crating allows for shipment worldwide.

Ludman provides operation and maintenance training on site worldwide on an ongoing basis.