Ludman Industries is dedicated to providing our customers with the best, most comprehensive testing capabilities for their product. We pride ourselves on an intimate knowledge of the products and end products you desire. That coupled with our ability for in-house testing in our state of the art manufacturing facility will provide you with the security of knowing we will create solution to your processing needs that does exactly what you need it to do.

At Ludman Industries world class facility we offer a fully equipped laboratory available for testing your materials from a bench scale button test to a pilot plant size compactor and granulators.

We will develop the necessary data required to confidently design your equipment with confidence and assured production results both from an economical and technical point of view.

Feed material origin and size is critical to both compaction and granulation. No two materials regardless of name and or nomenclature compact or granulate exactly the same. Therefore we willingly provide you a budget quote, not a final quote, for any new system without first testing the material in our lab. We design to meet your needs at Ludman Industries.  We design for each individual customer, for each individual job.

Our technical expertise is focused on a systematic approach to testing your products to achieve greater knowledge and understanding of your needed size; i.e. agglomeration or reduction process, to meet your end product criteria.

Proven Product & Testing HistoryLudman Industries Granulator

Ludman Industries testing history stems from the early 1900’s at Allis Chalmers Corporation. The success after many years of R&D testing resulted in the design and development of the original compactors in the mid 1950’s. Ludman Industries has continued this expertise since the late 1980’s and into the 2010's with the current global/customer demands for lower costs while with better efficiencies and material improvements, focusing to provide an excellent record of customer satisfaction and proven value.

Our belief is that thoroughly understanding different material properties provides a solid foundation for the correct design, equipment and process to meet the requirements of our customers.

With a wealth of knowledge, technological expertise, application know-how and global industry experience, we can design a process solution tailored exactly to your needs, increasing production and overall satisfaction.

Ludman Capabilities
Our diverse functional expertise and successful historical performance in industrial sectors such as mining, minerals, agricultural, chemicals, pharmaceutical and food provides our clients with the confidence they are working with the best of class. 

Ludman Industry provides technical analysis and evaluation to determine the overall go-no go feasibility of a customer’s project.  Specializing in product development and utilizing our in-house testing facility we are able to assist our clients in selecting the correct process specifications product quality and circuit design. Our application and engineering teams also provides value-added services to enhance our customer’s end result.

Testing process
Working with our customers we will design a testing procedure to prove the feasibility of agglomeration or granulation of the product or raw material. Ludman Industries can accommodate a wide range of raw materials that are quite variable in composition, particle size, texture and related chemical/physical properties. 

Our customers are always welcome to participate and observe testing in our facility.

As part of our testing process Ludman Industries can provide:
Material screen analysis
Moisture content analysis
Bulk density analysis
Pressure effect analysis
Granular degradation analysis
Performance and product integrity analysis
Impact / Drop test
Destructive testing

By integrating testing variables such as; binders, moisture, temperature, pressure and liquid or air entrainment, we are able to optimize product results and increase our customers return.

Test Lab Equipment List
3008 Test Compactor
Screw Conveyer – Feed
Belt Conveyer – Discharge
Vibrating Screen
Flaking Mill
Granulator Mill
Pellet Press
Temperature Probes
Moisture Meters

Custom reports provided with all testing.

Typical flaking applications include, but are not limited to the following:



Germ Meal


Rolled Oats

Grains-Animal Feed



Doughs (Embossing, Laminating)

Guar Seed

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