The Ludman Roll Compactor is designed to give you an economical, high volume, mechanical means to upgrade or convert fines by agglomeration into salable granular product. Our Roll Compactor is also used for agglomeration of fines into flakes for pyroprocessing or briquettes, increasing bulk density and controlling the product solubility rate.

Smooth, corrugated or pocketed rolls exert high pressures on fines passing between them. A solid ribbon or briquette product results with new characteristics of strength that can be processed or granulated to a desired finished product or granule size.

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The Ludman Flaking Mill has heavy-duty & sturdy construction, designed to provide the high flaking pressure demanded for diverse materials. Roll journals are machined to fit heavy-duty bearings, which assure proper roll alignment.

A set of two smooth-finished rolls, driven in counter-rotating directions, exerts force on relatively compressible feed materials to provide flattened flakes with the greatest possible particle surface. Material is rolled to uniform thickness and weight, and immediately available for further processing.

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Ludman Roll Crushers, commonly referred to as Granulators, offer the latest technology, design, reliability and superior performance. These precision-grade mills efficiently and consistently produce on-size product, much better than chain mills, hammer mills, and cage mills.

Ludman Granulators are designed for gradual size reduction, and therefore, they can be built in one, two, three or even four stages per unit, depending upon the ratio of feed size desired as finished product.

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Ludman Industries supports all Allis-Chalmers and Ludman machines in the field with replacement OEM parts. We retain complete records and control all of the important specifications including material, hardness, and best methodology.

In addition, Ludman Industries provides manufacturing and support for tooling customers, especially those specializing in the metal recycling industry in scrap presses.

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Ludman Industries' large format Briquette Roll Press is a rugged machine, designed specifically for briquetting operations that require high pressures. Ludman has produced briquetting machines for over 40 years and has the capability to design, develop and manufacture the equipment to meet your specific needs. Ludman builds proven designs with robust construction and offers dependable, adaptable designs for your application.

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Through innovative design and unmatched quality of workmanship, the Ludman Flake Lump Breaker is a ruggedly-designed machine capable of accepting diverse material and breaking it into a size that is acceptable for further controlled particle size reduction, or to create smaller sized material for another process. These machines typically are employed in compaction circuits.

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Engineering Services and Process Development

We offer basic and detailed custom engineering services to optimize your complete process solution and/or machine components. We design from concept to conclusion the machines and/or system you are looking to implement.

Turnkey Systems

Ludman Industries designs and implements information-enabled smart plants in the form of complete process solutions and turnkey systems, including revolutionary machine technology and automation specialization.


Ludman Industries provides in-depth procurement services by understanding the goals and challenges of your project and delivering the best solution for you, leveraging our team's tremendous knowledge and project experience.

Pilot Plant Testing

Ludman Industries houses a pilot plant testing facility, designed to simulate your production environment, by adjusting moisture of product, temperature, pressure, roll speed, etc. during compaction, briquette press, crushing with flake breakers, granulation with roll crushers, screening, recirculating fines, drying and curing, binders, and more.

Start-Up & Commissioning

As an added value when you buy from Ludman, we offer start-up, installation and commission services for your turnkey system and/or Ludman machines.

Staff Training

Ludman Industries offers value-added training services to customers who purchase Ludman machines, including proper use and maintenance of agglomeration and precision sizing systems.

Plant Audit and Inspection Services

Oftentimes, your system may need a tune up, whether planned or not. Plant audit and inspection services typically include on-site or remote qualified service technicians and/or engineers viewing your machine or system, while making suggestions, and providing a comprehensive multi-point inspection.

Refurbishing and Rebuild Services

Ludman supplies rebuild and repair services within OEM specifications, including safety and operating features. Another benefit of rebuilding with Ludman is our original equipment manufacturer warranty services.

Decommission and Replacement Services

When you are looking to replace and upgrade from an early model machine to maximize up-time, produce more quality product, take advantage of technological innovations, and lower total maintenance cost of your machine, contact Ludman to see how you much could save each year by buying new or rebuilt equipment. Typical ROI is 18 months, if not sooner. We oftentimes take legacy machines of any make and model on trade. Perhaps, this investment is right for you!

Hundreds of machines operating worldwide!

From agglomeration to size reduction, our machines address your needs!


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Flaking Mill User North America

“We have worked with Ludman Industries for over a year now. We are delighted with the work carried out so far. In particular, our company produces rock and table salt consumed by retail customers. Therefore, all project work needs to be of the highest quality. Likewise, we achieve these goals through Ludman's work. In addition, Ludman understands the high standards that our company has. Accordingly, Ludman is most efficient in delivering well within time limits. Above all, I would highly recommend working with them.”

Owning and Operating Four Roll Compactors North America

“We have worked with Ludman Industries for years. As a matter of fact, we are delighted with the work carried out so far. Moreover, as an SOP producer, we value up-time and reliability, when it comes to buying a compactor. For instance, our four Ludman 3624 Compactors achieve these values. They have been an excellent long-term investment. Besides routine maintenance, we operate the machine without significant down-time. In addition, our product needs to be of the highest quality. We get highest quality from our Ludman Compactors. Similarly, their sales staff is incredibly knowledgeable, flexible, reliable, and concentrated on the entire process system.  Likewise, they help us achieve highest possible production. Most importantly, Ludman understands the high standards that our company has. In conclusion, Ludman is the best compaction provider that we have worked with. Summarily, I would highly recommend working with them.”

Turnkey System Compaction Circuit North America

“Ludman Industries built a turnkey compaction system for us. Above all, it has minimized downtime and lowered total cost of ownership. For instance, we have been able to meet production standards and goals year after year. In addition, we will buy Ludman product as we continue to expand our production line.”