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Ludman Industries supports all Allis-Chalmers and Ludman machines in the field with replacement OEM parts for wearable items for maximum up-time and reduced maintenance costs. Only Ludman offers qualified OEM parts for your Ludman, Allis-Chalmers, or Nordyke machine.  Therefore, we have complete records and control all of the important specifications including material, hardness, and best methodology.

Meanwhile, parts are available for all compactors, briquetters, roll crushers (granulators), flake breakers and flaking and shredding mills. We support every part on our machines from full roll and bearing assemblies down to hardware. Likewise, older components are made in strict accordance with the original Allis-Chalmers specifications and designs.  In addition, for fast and reliable service, contact us for all your replacement parts.

Unsurpassed Quality Produced In-House

Ludman Briquetter Roll - OEM parts

We are master machinists making use of quality castings and weldments from our dedicated partners.  Moreover, we perform and control critical machining “in house.”  Similarly, machine assembly is done at our facility where we can control and inspect for proper fit-up.

Ludman maintains detailed inspection procedures to insure machine reliability.  To illustrate, major components have material certifications and welds undergo ultrasonic testing and X-ray analysis.

Additionally, we encourage all customers to purchase OEM parts directly from Ludman Industries, as we cannot ensure the workmanship of any third party. As the OEM provider of Ludman and Allis-Chalmers machines, Ludman offers the best quality parts and purchasing benefits.

Lastly, our shipping team takes pride in packing every part and machine that leaves our facility very carefully.  Our machining methods protect components from environmental contamination and vibration.  Moreover, professional export crating allows for shipment worldwide.

In conclusion, call us today to see what offers and customer benefits we are featuring to purchasing in bulk and repeat-order discounts. We know the history and design of every installed machine. Above all, we bring peace of mind to you through authentic OEM parts backed by OEM warranty.



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