Product and Service Programs

Product and Service Programs

Product & Service Programs

Product and service programs for current and prospective customers

Ludman Industries above all prides itself on providing value-added services to its current and prospective customers, including product and service programs. Likewise, we offer opportunities to obtain significant benefits and savings to valued customers, who take advantage of our product and service programs. Working with Ludman Industries, you certainly achieve meaningful rewards of collaborating with the OEM supplier, which include high quality machinery, value-added service, support, parts, warranty and more.

Moreover, some of the ones we currently offer are:

  • Machine Buyback Program
  • Predictive Maintenance Program
  • Parts Medallion Program

Call for more information on how you certainly can save by buying Ludman machines and parts. Authentic OEM parts and warranty solutions from Ludman Industries, as a result, will help you stay on track of your production goals, maximize up-time, and give you peace of mind. In addition, Ludman's predictive maintenance plan integrates SMART plant technology to achieve anticipated results and promote considerable machine care.

Therefore, contact us at Or similarly, call +1 (414) 431-3500 today to learn more about current product and service programs we are offering.


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