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About Us

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Ludman Industries is a manufacturer of roll compaction, briquetting, crushing, granulating and flaking machines. We serve mining and metal companies, as well as supplying food-grade machines for human or animal consumption. Our machines take waste fines and turn them into salable product.

Our history began over 150 years ago with Reliance Works and later Allis-Chalmers, the original producer of the flaking mill used in cereal production. Allis-Chalmers legacy lives on through our machines, built on quality, ruggedness and reliability.

Our Machines

We are the industry leader in producing premier roll compaction, crushing and material sizing machines.

Roll Compactors

Our roll compactors make turn fine material into dense sheets available for further processing.


Our briquetters turn fine material into compressed blocks ready for further processing or end-use.

Flaking Mills

Our flaking mills put material under pressure to supply a finished product.

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Our Projects

Industries We Serve!

Ludman Industries miner, helmets, coal-1903636.jpg

We have done hundreds of projects in mining, whether underground, evaporation pond or solution mining.

milling cutters, metal shavings, tool-3738903.jpg

We serve partners in a variety of metal uses, especially briquette-shaped products and tooling parts for the chipping and puck die processing.

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We are processing experts in food-grade material applications for human or animal consumption.

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