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Complete Machining and Fabrication Services

Ludman Industries partners with its division Northern Machine and Engineering (NME) to provide complete machining and fabrication services. We have provided exceptional machining capabilities over thirty years. Northern is a turnkey facility. We offer high quality responsive service design and machining services, specializing in horizontal boring.

Northern Horizontal Boring Milling

About Us

Northern Machine & Engineering, a division of Ludman Industries, is a turnkey facility offering complete machining and fabrication services. Our 100,000 square foot facility provides an exceptional environment to handle large projects. We offer machining expertise to achieve large-scale, critical tolerances and ensure the finished product exceeds our customers’ expectations. When customers contact Northern for their heavy machining needs, they can be assured of technical excellence with every project.

Horizontal Boring Bar

5" Ceruti Boring Bar

Offering customers cost-effective machining for large precision fabrication needs. The rotary table allows multi-axis machining of complex and contoured parts without repositioning, as well as three-dimensional precision machining of fabrications.

KBN135C Hyundai Heavy Duty Boring Machine

KBN135C Hyundai WIA

The Hyundai KBN135C machining center provides increased machining capacity, greater throughput and superior efficiencies in the manufacturing process. It accommodates high-load, heavy load and heavy duty cutting, through its movable column structure.

Toshiba BTD 200QH

As a highly preferred FLEXMACHINE, the Toshiba features robust and efficient means to machine complex 4 axis components. A high rigidity bed supports the entire machine. Utilizing sophisticated CNC system technology, the easy-to-setup Toshiba BTD 200QH allows for wide parts and heavy machining loads.

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