Compaction and Size Reduction

Ludman Machines Offer Rugged Designs and Reliability

We offer scalable products and solutions for a variety of agglomeration and size reduction needs. Our team includes comprehensive sales engineering design and feasibility resources for all stages of your project. Having been a key partner in the industry for over 50 years, we offer the latest technology for greenfield smart plants, and assist in legacy plant support, including parts procurement, plant audits, machine rebuilds or upgrades.

Complete Process Solutions

Whether you need to compact, crush, shear, briquette, flake or shred, we’ve got the machines to get the job done at desired yields and at a total lower cost of ownership. Contact a Ludman sales engineer today to start your project.

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compacted ammonium sulfate from compaction machines

Compact It

Roll compactors are machines designed to give you an economical, high volume, mechanical means to upgrade or convert fines by agglomeration into salable granular product.


Briquette It

The briquetter is a rugged machine designed specifically for compacting material into briquettes, especially applications requiring high pressures and a variety of shapes and sizes.

Granulate It

The granulator is designed for precise gradual size reduction in one, two, or three stages per unit depending upon the ratio of feed size to desired finished granular particle size.

granular potash industries

Crush It

The roll crusher can granulate, grind, pulverize, crack, crumble or fracture an unlimited number of materials, chemicals, minerals and plastics.

Flake It

Flaking mill machines exert force on compressible feed material, resulting in flattened flakes with the greatest possible particle surface.

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Break It

The flake lump breaker breaks compacted material into manageable sizes to feed it into crushers to achieve precision-milled sizes.

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Budgetary Quote

Are you in the early stages of a project requiring validation on whether the process is right for you? Call us today for a budgetary quote.

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We emphasize our company’s approach on educating customers on the process of compaction briquetting, flaking, and size reduction. If you are looking to learn more about a specific process and whether it can help you achieve your goals, get in touch so we can help.