Inspection Services

Offering comprehensive inspections

As the OEM, Ludman Industries possesses intimate knowledge of your machine and its components. Information such as material, hardness, and best methodology, comes from our design “know-how” and vast experience. Ludman is the best to inspect your machine and parts, in order to ensure your machine continues to function properly. Contact us to learn more.

Inspections CMM Lathe Measuring Parts

Mobile CMM

Our CMM provides a mobile, easy to understand, and easy to set up solution to measuring parts large and small. It achieves this by providing the user a reference image of the part in real time to tell exactly where parts differ from the specified tolerances.

Parts can be inspected within minutes after set-up. The mobile CMM offers significantly reduced times and adds value by reducing scrap, rework, and human error from the process.

The probe camera identifies the make-up of your part and takes images of it that are later used in the comprehensive inspection report. These reports highlight areas where parts are out of tolerance utilizing CAD wraps, which allow for comparisons with either point-by-point precision or feature-based accuracy.