Premier Roll Compaction Technology

Upgrading and converting undesirable dust fines

Ludman compactors’ roller style press combines torque, via roll drive system, and thrust, via cylinders in a stressed frame to agglomerate fines. Moreover, agglomeration involves a chemical process, in which two counter-rotating rolls press granular material into larger pieces. Reduction in surface area of agglomerated material leads to better product, and thus, explains why coarser feed is most desirable. In other words, large particles retain less surface area, resulting in less work per unit volume.

ammonium sulfate from roll compactors

Salable Granular Product

Ludman press-forged rolls, pre-stressed robust frames, tie rods, super bolts, gearing options are all designed to benefit customer environment. To illustrate, other features include inline planetary reducers, hydraulic motors and dual output gearboxes, heavy duty mining grade motors, advanced positioning electrical control systems coordinated motion force feeders, and over one hundred years history in the agglomeration and size reduction machines.

Additionally, Ludman roll compactors process a tremendous number of application-specific requirements. Our compactors provide unique, custom solutions for each customer, such as choosing between force or gravity feed, fine or coarse feed, hot or cold feed, and high throughput versus low throughput. Likewise, Ludman roll compactor technology seamlessly pulls or pushes fine material into the nip zone of a dual roll press. Rolls pull material through the roll nip, and produces dense output.

Vast experience in potash and salt applications

Ludman Industries is a world leader in roll compaction of potash fines—both floated and crystalline fines—with over one hundred machines installed worldwide. In particular, Ludman has over fifty-five years of experience compacting white crystalline potash with installations at Saskatchewan Province-based mines in Canada; and at prominent West and Midwestern facilities in the United States of America; as well as large producers in South America; and beyond. Learn more.

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granular potash industries

Specializing in fines management applications

Ludman Roll Compactors specialize in fines management applications.  Products that are separated as fines, produced as a fine grain, or contain highly friable characteristics generate plenty of dust. However, Ludman specializes in upgrading or converting undesirable dust fines into salable granular product, through compaction.  Many fertilizer producers tussle with undesirable fines. However, Ludman Machines solve this issue by producing dense material that is easily shipped, distributed, and spread on farmers’ fields across the world.

What our customers are saying about Ludman roll compactors

“Our Ludman machine has performed very well for us…we are very pleased with the machine; great throughput and great reliability.”

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Why choose Ludman compaction

Customers choose Ludman because of ease of use, worry-free maintenance, and top-knotch support. Our compaction solutions are scaled to specific application requirements, providing a building block to plant configurations. Some other highlights are:

• We are global.

• We build custom solutions.

• We test product for your peace of mind and to keep your project moving.

• We are a one-stop shop for all aftermarket service and parts.

• Our machines are built to last.

We focus on providing a better overall maintenance experience. Our engineering team continues to produce excellent features to keep your machines running smoothly, such as advanced alloy technology, nitrided exposure areas, cutting-edge electrical control features, and redesigned force feeder systems.