Providing pilot laboratory services to simulate production

We understand that in today’s exceedingly complex marketplace, material processors need to be confident that the products they make meet end user expectations along with the required safety and regulatory standards. In addition, we know that the purchase of new equipment is an investment for any company. The solution to achieving peace of mind and ensure taking the best step forward is above all through pilot plant results.

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Experts in process technology

We offer a wealth of knowledge, technological expertise, application know-how and global industry experience to design a process solution tailored exactly to your needs. Testing tends to reduce cost, estimate production capability and assure overall user satisfaction. It sets you on a path to determining the correct machine sizing and specifications and gives you the confidence to move forward with your project. Begin a conversation today with a Ludman representative, who can answer your questions about pilot laboratory testing services.

Testing inquiry

We need to know how we can best help you. Typically being supplied with 5-10 lb samples of feed material is great for testing in-house. Some of the questions you should be prepared to answer include:

1. Do you use a recycled/blended material? What is the material content break down? Do you use a binder?

2. What is the moisture content of the product?

3. What is the specific gravity of the product?

4. What is the feed product temperature?

5. What is the production capacity need?

ammonium sulfate from roll compactors