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Convert fines into salable granular product using a Ludman Roll Compactor

Ludman Industries Roll Compactors

Ludman Compactors

We manufacture the best roll compactors because of our time-tested designs and commitment to innovation

Ludman Industries designs and builds its roll compactors to provide you with an affordable, mechanical means of upgrading and converting material fines, such as fertilizer, minerals and other applications, by agglomeration into a salable granular product. In addition, Ludman Roll Compactors are also used to agglomerate fines into flakes for pyroprocessing, to increase product bulk density, and to control product solubility rate.

Ludman Roll Compactor is synonymous with return on investment. Producers mitigate initial investment and operating costs, through producing to an economy of scale; in addition, maintenance requirements and costs are low.

A Ludman Roll Compactor can be integrated into your existing operation without significant changes to the system. Producers seldom need costly feed preparations, such as additives or binders. Another benefit Ludman offers to producers is ease of use; Ludman Compactor operators require minimal technical training.

Ludman rolls, crafted from two pieces with a shell and shaft, exert extremely high pressures on fines as they pass through the nip zone, forming a solid ribbon of dense product. Following roll compaction, product usually is further processed or crushed to desired particle size.

Why are Ludman Roll Compactors considered the premier roll compactor?

Ludman's proven, rugged designs and robust construction maximize up-time and provide easy machine maintenance, while delivering lower total cost of ownership. On average, each machine has the capacity to achieve nearly 100% annual run-time.

Also, Ludman is renowned for its one-piece forged alloy solid rolls, in addition to also utilizing shell on shaft rolls for other specialty applications.

Ludman Compactors Users Have Said...

Executives of major fertilizer production companies have said...

"Operations have been able to demonstrate the lowest cost per ton maintenance and operating costs.  Highest reliability and product conversion with the use of Ludman compactors."

Maintenance Supervisors have said...

"Maintenance cost due to mechanical failure of these compactors has been virtually zero.  We have been running 15 machines for 8 years without a bearing or coupling failure!"

Machine Operators have said...

"It must be noted that all machine have run continuously since their startup.  Compactors operate 365 days per year, 24 hours per day and are maintained on an as needed basis."

Defining Features of Ludman Roll Compactors

  • Rolls and roll corrugations
  • Roll bearings (babitted journal or spherical)
  • Pre-stressed frame
  • Roll separating force
  • Hydraulic power package
  • Roll side cheeks
  • Hoppers
  • Feeders (gravity with gated or non-gated, or force with single or twin screw)
  • Distinguished Ludman Blue paint (or other, upon request)
  • Drives (Hydraulic or Mechanical, Fixed Speed or Variable Speed, Single or Double Shaft)
  • Motors
  • Pressure system (one or two cylinders per side)
  • V-Belt
  • Gear Reducer
  • Couplings
  • Design Accessories (integrated control panels, integrated granulator or roll crusher, stainless steel contact surfaces, and custom designed work platforms)
Additional Roll Compactor Features
  • Superior alloy technology
  • Labyrinth seal technology
  • Roll optimization technology
  • Water-cooled rolls
  • Pre-stressed frames
  • Coordinated motion force feeder
  • Active hydraulics
  • Gap control system
  • Roll removal table

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Ludman Compactors
Ludman Compactors

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Facts about Ludman Compactors
Facts about Ludman Compactors


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