Ludman Flaking and Shredding Mills

Ludman Flaking & Shredding Mills

Precise high yield sizing mills, specializing in food-grade applications

Ludman Industries builds precision-grade flaking and shredding mills, using Allis-cut hammer-forged rolls to flake product at high speed rates. However, our shredding mill rolls are smooth and patterned to achieve desired custom PSD. Although Ludman Flaking & Shredding Mills process many applications, we specialize in food-grade applications, specifically cereals.

Modern, Heavy-Duty Design

Ludman offers a modern line of heavy-duty flaking mills designed to insure maximum efficiency with minimum maintenance based upon the proven Allis-Chalmers design. Similarly, Ludman realizes that the modern day flaking mill application incorporates high bearing loads and feed capacity.  That is why Ludman has remained true to tradition by offering a heavy-duty machine.

Ludman’s Flaking and Shredding Machines can also be supplied with new solid state controls that can maintain flake thickness within 1 thousands (0.001) inches for precise product demands.

In addition, the Ludman Flaking Mill, made of heavy-duty & sturdy construction, provides the high flaking pressure demanded for many different materials. We machine roll journals to fit heavy-duty bearings, which assure proper roll alignment. Additionally, a set of two smooth-finished rolls, driven in counter-rotating directions, exert force on relatively compressible feed materials to provide flattened flakes with the greatest possible particle surface. Likewise, material passes through rolls to achieve uniform thickness and weight, and is immediately available for further processing.

In conclusion, benefits of choosing Ludman for your flaking mills or shredding mills application:

  • Over 100 years in the industry, including significant expertise in food-grade applications
  • Detailed, custom solutions to fit your needs
  • Latest technology from the leading process experts in flaking and shredding
  • In conclusion, precision flaking and shredding to achieve optimal product PSD
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