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Reliable specialized manufacturing techniques to upgrade tooling product life

Ludman Industries provides manufacturing and support for customers, especially those specializing in the metal recycling industry in scrap presses. To illustrate, we assist customers across many wear parts applications, including chipping and puck die processing. In addition, we provide other aftermarket support and value-added services for any customer specializing in metal recycling. Similarly, we have extensive records and company history, developing parts used for this process.

Quality Replacement Parts

Ludman manufactures quality replacement parts to keep your operation up and running. Moreover, our manufacturing standards and equipment excel at providing high quality products with superior life expectancy. Additionally, our manufacturing standards and equipment utilize specialized techniques to ensure highest quality and superior life expectancy. Likewise, our customers rely on Ludman techniques to upgrade their product life.

In conclusion, contact us today to support your metal recycling needs. Lastly, for more information on Ludman Tooling, please email us at the email address listed below or give us a call.

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