Refurbish, Plant Audit & Inspection

Rebuild Your Machine

4040 compactor and 1030 flaking mill - rebuild
Plant audit, rebuild and inspection services to improve overall performance of your system

Oftentimes, your system may need a tune up, whether planned or not. Fortunately, however, Ludman machines and systems are built for the long haul. Moreover, we aim to reduce total cost of ownership of your plant by building rugged reliable equipment. In the event that your Allis-Chalmers, Ludman or similar equipment of different brands is in need of refurbishing services, contact us for a preliminary consultation, plant audit and inspection.

In the event that your system or machines are not performing the way you would like, call Ludman to schedule a plant audit or inspection to monitor the performance of your system. Our team of engineers make suggestions, based on comprehensive multi-point inspections of your system and/or equipment.

OEM machine rebuild and repair:  quality craftsmanship, parts and service

Ludman supplies repair services within OEM specifications, including safety and operating features. Another benefit of working with Ludman is our original equipment manufacturer warranty services.

Achieve peace of mind that legitimate OEM parts with correct specifications and qualities are in your equipment. Non-warrantied, out of spec, and incorrect parts have a fraction of the life of OEM parts in many cases. In conclusion, Ludman is your trusted partner for buying OEM quality parts.

Lastly, learn more about decommissioning or replacing a machine below.

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