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Combustible Biomass

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Roll Compaction

The Ludman Industries Roll Compactor is designed to give you an economical, high volume, mechanical means to upgrade or convert fines by agglomeration into salable granular product. Our Roll Compactor is also used for agglomeration of fines into flakes for pyroprocessing or briquettes, increasing bulk density and controlling the product solubility rate.

Smooth, corrugated or pocketed rolls exert high pressures on fines passing between them. A solid ribbon or briquette product results with new characteristics of strength that can be processed or granulated to desired finished product or granule size.


Ludman large format Briquette Roll Press is a rugged machine, designed specifically for briquetting operations that require high pressures. Our company has produced briquetting machines for over 40 years and has the capability to design, develop and manufacture the equipment to meet your specific needs. Ludman Industries builds proven designs with robust construction and offers dependable, adaptable designs for your application.

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Ludman Granulator

Roll Crushing

Ludman Industries Roll Crushers, commonly referred to as Granulators, offer the latest technology, design, reliability and superior performance. These precision-grade mills efficiently and consistently produce on-size product, much better than chain mills, hammer mills, and cage mills.

Ludman Granulators are designed for gradual size reduction, and therefore, they can be built one, two, three or even four stages per unit, depending upon the ration of feed size desired as finished product.

Flaking & Milling

The Ludman Industries Flaking Mill has heavy-duty & sturdy construction, designed to provide the high flaking pressure demanded for diverse materials. Roll journals are machined to fit heavy-duty bearings, which assure proper roll alignment.

A set of two smooth-finished rolls, driven in counter-rotating directions, exerts force on relatively compressible feed materials to provide flattened flakes with the greatest possible particle surface. Material is rolled to uniform thickness and weight, and immediately available for further processing.

John McCarthy to Lead Sales

Ludman Industries is pleased to announce that John McCarthy has joined our team as Vice President of Sales and Project Management.  He has a proven track record of over 30

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Ludman Names Purchasing Manager

Ludman Hires Purchasing Manager Ludman Industries is pleased to announce that David D’Amour has joined our team.  He has a proven track record of over 20 years involved in procurement, strategic

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