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Our machines are built to last and achieving optimal product for your solution

Altogether, Ludman Industries builds industry leading machines for your system and machine components to maximize equipment efficiency. Moreover, our agglomeration and size reduction machinery processes applications across many industries. Specifically, these industries include fertilizer, minerals, food, wastewater treatment, recycling, and metal fines, to name a few. However, we support new requests through our extensive testing records and pilot lab testing procedures.

Also, Ludman machines are known for ruggedness, reliability and high performance. Consequently, our machines originated from and were designed and built by Allis-Chalmers Mining and Food Divisions, who valued Ludman as a trusted machining and manufacturing partner. Thereupon, our team of expert engineers have developed and refined them into industry-leading machinery built to last. Likewise, when you buy Ludman, you will be assured of quality and dependability.

For example, our roll compactors, briquetters, roll crushers, granulators and flake breakers are the gold standard for the industry, yielding superior product for our customers worldwide. Furthermore, we specialize in particularly in fertilizer, metallurgical and mineral applications.

In addition, cereal producers worldwide rely on Allis-Chalmers and Ludman Industries flaking mills and shredding mills to achieve an optimal flake.

Custom solutions tailored to your needs

For instance, here are some more hallmarks of Ludman Machines:

  • Firstly, detailed, custom solutions to fit your needs
  • Secondly, latest technology from the leading process experts in agglomeration and high precision sizing
  • Thirdly, peace of mind when buying our reliable machines specifically built for your application
  • Fourthly, lower total cost of ownership by using our machines and team of experts
  • Fifthly, technical support and expertise to keep your operation running smoothly

In addition, as an OEM supplier, Ludman supports all Nordyke, Allis-Chalmers and Ludman product lines, including parts, service, training, performance audit and refurbishing. Regardless your application, Ludman is a resource to help you obtain superior product and higher yield.

Finally, learn more about Ludman Roll Compactors below.

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