Installation and Commission

Start-Up, Installation and Commission

Start-Up, Installation and Commission

Select technical expertise of Ludman field engineers and technicians to get your project started with install and commission

As an added value when you buy Ludman, we offer start-up, installation and commission services for your turnkey system and Ludman machines. Our team of field engineers and technicians, as a result, travel to your site to set up all components to OEM standards to achieve the yields desired in your project. Moreover, the program manager of your project will assist you in identifying start-up, install and commission needs to help get your project executed on time and achieve production goals.

Project commissioning above all involves solidifying all systems and components of your turnkey plant and machines. In a similar vein, we check design, installation, test, operation and maintenance in the start-up process. Ludman assembles machines in-house prior to shipping, to ensure all components are included and fine-tuning is completed. In addition, on-site, the commissioning process integrates final engineering examinations and set procedures to check, inspect and test operational components.

Safety is Priority in Installation and Commission

Firstly, we prioritize safety. Our start-up process emphasizes safe operation of machinery and proper following of operational manuals, including scheduled maintenance. Therefore, see staff training for more information on additional training information, beyond basic safety and operational instruction. Next, we focus on setting up and handing over operation, performance, reliability in the form of predictive maintenance, and SMART plant information tracking.

Learn more about staff training below.


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