Ludman Procurement


Simplifying the purchasing process, while consequently, delivering custom managed solutions

Ludman Industries provides in-depth procurement services, certainly leveraging our team's tremendous knowledge and project experience. Firstly, in the procurement process, we define milestones. These milestones embody concept and technology development in the form of pre-systems acquisition. Next, we define systems acquisition, which consists of system development and demonstration, as well as production and deployment. Lastly, we focus on sustaining machine and system performance and maintenance.

Our goal in the procurement process most importantly is to:

  • Learn about the goals and challenges of your project
  • In addition, break down these goals and challenges into custom solutions built for you
  • Likewise, define a step by step process to achieve milestones in a timely manner
  • Therefore, achieve proper specifications based on the details of your solution
  • Realize agreeable project production and sourcing implementation
  • As a result, finalize solution to build
  • After that, establishing project terms and conditions

To sum up, during procurement, we address:

  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Receiving
  • Procurement
  • Invoicing
  • Purchasing

In conclusion, Ludman is focused on addressing every part of the process, providing a predictable and manageable timeline for our customers.

Lastly, learn more about pilot plant testing below.


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