Ludman Granulators

High yield precision sizing mills provide optimal product for your application

Ludman Industries builds high accuracy, high yield sizing mills for an array of applications. Ludman Granulators are modular units, utilizing two counter-rotating hammer-forged rolls to sheer product to size.

Ludman Granulator Rolls are custom cut for each application to ensure the tightest PSD possible. Ludman's Allis-Cut Rolls produce optimal, tightly sized product, as a result of the relationship between roll sheer and impact on the product.

Ludman Granulators adapt to volumetric sizing applications:

  • Single-high precision grinding mill
  • Two-high precision grinding mill
  • Three-high precision grinding mill
  • Four-high precision grinding mill


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Ludman Granulator 2-Pair High
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Ludman Granulator
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Ludman Granulator 1-Pair High