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Complete Machining and Fabrication Services

Ludman Industries partners with its division Northern Machine and Engineering (NME) to provide complete machining and fabrication services. We have provided exceptional machining capabilities over thirty years. Similarly to Ludman, NME is a turnkey facility. We offer high quality responsive service design. In addition, we deliver machining services, specializing in horizontal boring.

We render machining expertise to achieve large-scale, critical tolerances. Not to mention, Northern Machine and Engineering ensures the finished product exceeds customer expectations. Customers are assured of technical excellence with every project, when they contract NME for their substantial machining needs. Northern Machine and Engineering is equipped to handle your machining needs from conception to completion. Our facility houses specialty machines to complete all the needs of your project.

Northern Machine and Engineering Machining Capabilities

Uniquely, Northern Machine and Engineering's five inch Ceruti Bar offers customers cost effective machining for large precision fabrication needs. Furthermore, the rotary table on horizontal boring bar allows multi-axis machining of complex contoured parts without re-positioning. The rotary table indexing allows three dimensional precision machining of customer fabrications.

Horizontal Boring Bar

Correspondingly, the KBN135C Hyundai Heavy Duty Boring Machine provides increased machining capacity, greater throughput and superior efficiencies in manufacturing.

KBN135C Hyundai Heavy Duty Boring Machine

Our Toshiba BTD 200QH "FLEXMACHINE" provides a robust and efficient means to machine complex four axis components. Northern Machine and Engineering overhead crane capacity of over 20 tons capably handles weldments of massive size and weight.

Due to over 30 years of experience and exceptional machining capabilities, we provide superior quality product. In addition to adopting best practices in heavy machining, NME readily provides services and delivers precision-machined components that exceed quality of industry competitors.

In addition to machining services provided by NME, we offer Welding, Sandblasting, Painting and Assembly.

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