Pilot Plant Testing

Pilot Plant Testing

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Process Research and Pilot Lab Services to simulate production environment

We understand in today's exceedingly complex marketplace, material processors certainly need to be confident that the products they make meet end-user expectations along with the required safety andPotassium Sulfate regulatory standards. In addition, we know that the purchase of new equipment is an investment for any company. The solution to achieving peace of mind and ensure taking the best step forward is above all through pilot plant results.

Thorough understanding of the different properties of specific products and materials, however, provides a solid foundation for the correct design, equipment selection and process to meet the requirements for your final product. Moreover, initial product experiments solidify correct selection of equipment and protection of your company's investment.

Testing Benefits:  Expertise in process solutions

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Ludman Industries engineers have a wealth of knowledge, technological expertise, application know-how and global industry experience to design a process solution tailored exactly to your needs. Testing tends to reduce cost, increase production and assure overall user satisfaction.

Ludman Industries maintains a pilot plant testing facility, designed to simulate your production environment. Meanwhile, our pilot testing facility contains lab scale equipment of all Ludman products, including roll compactors, flake breakers, roll crushers (granulators), screens, scales, etc.

We simulate site processes by adjusting moisture of product, temperature, pressure, roll speed, etc. during compaction, briquette press, crushing with flake breakers, granulation with roll crushers, screening, recirculating fines, drying and curing, binders, and so on.

Ludman tests product characteristics that affect agglomeration and product sizing. In addition, we have the ability to test most corrugation combinations for precise sizing solutions.

Standard test services include examining product after lab results and a full technical report with samples. We do accept special requests for testing, across many applications. Test results and fees vary based on customer provided material and desired end-product.

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