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Ludman Industries is a company known for innovation. We provide leading machines, expertise and technology, for example, in compaction, briquette pressing, granulation, crushing and flaking. Therefore, our news center gives you updates to stay engaged with Ludman's offerings and projects. In addition, we are committed to providing value-added machines and services across many customers, applications and industries. Likewise, our employees and global reach allows us partner with customers and projects worldwide.

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Press Release 01012021 KGS Promo


Press Release 05052021 DR Hire

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Whether you are looking for basic company information or have a specific request, we are here to help. During regular business hours (8:00AM-4:30PM CST, M-F) members of the media should email us at, in addition to media inquiries outside of North America or after regular business hours. For all other questions or requests, please call +1 (414) 431-3500 between 8:30AM-4:30PM CST, M-F.

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Ludman Industries is located in the Fertilizer Industry Directory. Similarly, find our advertisement on the back cover.

Fertilizer Directory
Fertilizer Directory

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Moreover, potash producers can rest easily at night, when using a complete turnkey system process solution from Ludman Industries, complete with Ludman Compactors and Crushers. For instance, learn more about using Ludman Industries for your compaction plant in PotashWorks 2019 Edition.

PotashWorks 2019
PotashWorks 2019

PotashWorks 2019 by DEL Communications Inc. - issuu

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