Allis-Chalmers Mining and Food

Allis-Chalmers Mining & Food

Basic and detailed engineering services to optimize your complete process solution

Ludman Industries provides both basic and detailed engineering services for your system and machine components to maximize equipment efficiency.


  • Detailed, custom solutions to fit your needs
  • Latest technology from the leading process experts in compaction
  • Keeping your engineering costs low by using our team of experts

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Allis-Chalmers Mining & Food

Does Ludman Industries service Allis-Chalmers Mining and Food machinery?

Ludman’s history began performing subcontract work for Allis-Chalmers Mining and Food product lines. Ludman has owned and serviced these product lines, since Allis-Chalmers divested from these industries in 1986.

If you have a question regarding an Allis-Chalmers machine, please call or email the Ludman Industries Sales Team. Ludman is committed to serving you and your Allis-Chalmers legacy machine.

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