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Buy or Rent Machinery (New or Used)

A rugged design built to last - Buy or Rent Machinery

Firstly, when you imagine equipment that lasts for over 30 years, you would expect there to be plenty of maintenance required to keep a machine running well. Above all, Ludman Industries produces rugged, built-to-last machines that make maintenance easy. Do you need a machine? Buy or rent machinery from Ludman Industries--new, refurbished or pre-owned.

Moreover, working with Ludman offers lower total cost of ownership. Further, Ludman Machines are known for superior up-time and simple, routine maintenance. In the same vein, Ludman commits to each customer throughout the lives of their machines and beyond.

Likewise, a relationship with Ludman is one that you can count on. Importantly, Ludman keeps your machine up-to-date with the latest, most efficient technologies, such as super-alloy technology, nitrited exposure areas, electrical control features, and force feeder systems.

In short, Ludman builds custom machinery for unique solutions of our customers. However, for many parallel applications, we can modify machinery to fit what you need in your system.

Lastly, see Ludman's dedication to service.

Pre-Owned Machinery Available For Sale

1304 50 T Machine 

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 50 Tons

Type: Compactor / Briquette Press


• VFD with Control Panel for Force Feeder & Roll Speed

• Single input - dual output

• Machine may be modified to fit your needs

• Roll Surface for different materials can easily be modified

• Roll Surfaces can be adapted to either smooth, briquette pockets or corrugated


• Short Lead Time

• Ludman Full & Limited Warranty

• Available upgrades with the newest available Technology

• Ludman to service NONE OEM Equipment

• Typically 70%-80% of New


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